What could it be?

Blessed Yule

What could it be?
What could it be?

Today is Yule (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere), shortest day of the year and the beginning of the lighter half of the year. The end of the period of introspection and a time to focus our energy outwards into the world around us.

I had a lovely present from my friend Joe, “The Tempest” on DVD, so I’m looking forward to watching that very much! Thank you Joe!

The afternoon saw my parents and I head off to a friends’ house for pre-Christmas drinks and nibbles. It was lovely to catch up with friends there and have a glass of wine or two!

Of course, being a Saturday, this evening sees the final of Strictly Come Dancing, one of my favourite TV shows! And in between the main show and the results I lit my candle on my altar and said a little prayer that all will be well for everyone I know in the coming year, and that the light brings with it happiness for all.

I hope you all had a really special day whether you were celebrating Yule or not.

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  1. Rachel

    It sounds like you had a lovely day and Christmas drinks are always good. Have a lovely Christmas 🙂

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