Layered Skirt

What I Wore Wednesday: Layered Skirts

So I actually wore this outfit last Wednesday but I’d already posted my ex pat meal outfit so I didn’t want to bore you with another outfit!

Anyway, I was feeling the berry/pink vibes still so I hooked out my pink Parisian beret to French up my style a bit. I was initially just going to wear the dress that the black skirt you see is a part off but it felt a little too short so I hooked out a second skirt and popped that under it. I’m honestly not sure about this look at all but I’d love some (nice!) feedback! Two skirts? Yay or nay? I’m definitely at a point where I like to play with clothes now, mix them up a bit, but I’m still never sure what works!

Tights wise I wanted to wear my purple ones which are a square pattern rather than striped but they were in the wash! Boo!

Sadly I notice that this outfit shows my current…shape…or rather lack of it. The jumper isn’t overly flattering, especially as, between hopping back and forth to the camera, it’s ridden up a little *sigh* I could never be a fashion blogger!

Layered Skirt

Anyway, the outfit consists of:

My pink, Parisian beret: Bought on the streets of Paris for about 5 euros. BARGAIN!
A pink jumper: Mim
Skater style dress: New Look
Bag: Primark
Skirt: Dunnes (I think)
Tights: Not a clue
Boots: Evans (there’s a story behind those boots; I tried on nigh on every pair in the shop with the assistant insisting that each pair WOULD fit, even though they evidently wouldn’t zip up over my fat thighs!)

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