Mrs Teapot's

When Mrs TeePot met Mrs Teapot in Vitré

Mrs TeePot meets Mrs Teapot

A couple of months ago my French teacher mentioned to me that she had been to Vitré and discovered a crêperie that I just had to go and visit. The crêperie was called Mrs Teapot’s! How brilliant, I really did have to go!

We headed off to Vitré with some friends one day, some time later, but, much to my disappointment, ended up eating elsewhere! However, we returned with some different friends and I did get to try out Mrs Teapot’s crêperie! Wahey!

It’s cosy inside, quite small but decorated with teapots and some vintage looking bits and bobs. Some interesting artwork adorns the walls and it feels cosy.

The food was awesome, smallish portions but lovely (but then I would say that, right?!). It’s a traditional French crêperie so serves galettes and crêpes though, if I remember rightly, there were some other things on the menu. They have a children’s menu too, it was Harry Potter themed when we were there!

If you’re in the area and get a chance to visit Vitré it’s certainly worth it, even if you don’t eat at Mrs Teapot’s! There’s plenty of other places to eat and you can walk around the old town, see the church and walk around the château walls. You can see some of my photos from Vitré on my flickr account (by clicking the link on Vitré!).

Have you visited Vitré? Or found an awesomely named place, or somewhere that shares your name?

(n.b. we paid for our meal, this is not a sponsored post, I just love that I found a namesake over here!)

Mrs Teapot's



  1. Kate

    What an awesome name for a creperie! And a really cool coincidence :-).

  2. Steve

    Cool. Hope you’re getting royalties lol

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