What I Wore Wednesday: Tshirt Printing.net

Before I went on my holiday to Toulouse I was contacted by a lovely man who wanted to send me a free Mrs TeePot tshirt! Awesome, thought I! And on my arrival back home there it was, sat in my post box.

The tshirt comes from Tshirt Printing.net and they do a variety of personalised clothing in all different colours. You can get a quote through their website as price depends on quantity, type, number of colours, etc.


I opted for a white tee thinking that my logo would show up better on it, having seen it in person now I think a contrasting colour would have been more sensible, but I’ll certainly still wear the shirt to any blogger conferences I go to! I did nearly go for a pink one but as pink and red aren’t really a match made in heaven I went for the white, maybe a nice blue would have been a good idea?


The fit is a little tight for me if I’m honest, I’m a UK 16 and had to order the ladies XL size as the ladies sizes are small, I think this is a shame as there are lots of larger ladies out there who would love their own branded tshirt. Of course there is the option of ordering a men’s size shirt, but I know some people don’t like to do that.


Another consideration is how it will wash, as the design is printed on I’m hoping it wont flake off like some do in the wash, although I’ll be gentle with it of course!


Overall I’m pleased with the tshirt and, like I say, I’ll no doubt wear it if I make it to any more blogger conferences so people know who I am! Hop over to tshirtprinting.net if you’re in need of personalised clothing!

Disclosure: I received a free personalised t-shirt in return for an honest review.


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