What I Wore Wednesday: Mum’s Top!

Last week I raided Mum’s wardrobe for goodies! She was there, just so we’re clear, I wasn’t just thieving her clothes! Anyway this is the first of the items that have been relocated into my wardrobe. The top that was hers is the lose black number that I’m wearing over the top of the jumper.

Being as autumn is here I figured layers are wise hence the jumper combined with the top. It’s a bit dark but I like the way the top hangs. I did ponder putting a belt with it but it wasn’t a belt kinda day.

I’ve teamed the black tops with jeans and black winter boots, nothing exciting but warm and simple. Hides my wobbly belly too!




And a day or so later I wore it again with a different, brighter look, and got photo-bombed by the cat while taking the photos!



2013-10-19 11.19.26



  1. SJF102

    I LOVE the hand in back pocket looking over shoulder look. Thanks for posting


  2. Sheri

    Looks great! You’re so cute!!

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