1. Red Vinyl Kitty

    I really love the second picture in this post. 🙂 Cool looking tree. <3

  2. bluebirdsunshine

    Such bright, lovely pics. Can’t believe the strawberries are still going strong, amazing!

  3. Mammasaurus

    Go go Gadget Strawberries! Super stuff! I have some tomatoes outside that are still going too, so good to see everything clinging to the tail end of Summer. You are on badass pruner – mind you I am an evil pruner – I always end up cutting back far more than I start out to, I’m the same with bonfires – always starts out a little one and then before you know it I’m loping of tree branches!

    Cute pussy *giggles*

    Thanks for joining in again my dear -hope life has been treating you kindly x

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