What do you do with your photos?

Most of us have gone digital now, we snap away quite merrily and find ourselves with thousands of photos on our computers, but it’s not the same is it? Remember when you had to go and hand over your film for development and then Robin Williams found out you were cheating and went nuts? (Ok, so I watched “One Hour Photo” too many times…) But seriously, back in the day you had a hard copy of your images, it was tangible and lovely. Fortunately, there are new fangled ways to make your photos touchable and Photobox have some awesome ways.

We spent 3 months in Spain this year and, as a family, we took a lot of photos, and it seemed a shame not to have them in an album, and that’s where Photobox came in. Their photobooks are an ideal way to keep your memories and make lovely coffee table books to flip through.

First you have to hop on to the Photobox website and upload your photos, that’s super easy, you can connect to Dropbox, Flickr, Facebook and Instagram, and you can organise into albums too. Once you’ve done that you choose the photos or album that you want to create with, and what you want to create. I went for an A4 Classic Photobook in the “explorer” theme.

When you’ve finished twiddling with the options, adding pages, etc, you can flip through your product and see how it looks. I added some captions. Then you simply press the order button, pray you didn’t make a spelling mistake, and wait!

My book arrived really quickly and looks great. It’s slim, easy to peruse and great quality. I’ll definitely be showing it to all my friends and family when they visit!

Visit Photobox to check out the full photo books range.

I received a free photobook in return for my honest review.




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  1. sabrina montagnoli

    Yep I use photobox and it’s usually a great service. Wish I could get some freebies!

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