Why I’m glad I failed Project 365…again

6648543861_a8b3901e9b_bSo last week I took my last Project 365 photo. It wasn’t intentional. I mean, I meant to take the photo, I didn’t mean for it to be my last! The next day I forgot to take a photo of anything, it wasn’t until the next day that I realised and rather than feeling panicked or upset I felt relief. Complete and utter relief washed over me. “I don’t have to take anymore photos.”

I blogged before that I was hating the project, that I felt it was deteriorating my photos rather than improving them, but I did want to finish. I wanted to be able to say that I took on 365 and won. But I can’t say that now and I don’t care! I certainly wont be taking it on again, and if I try someone please stop me!

So why am I so anti-project 365? As I said before I felt my photos got worse not better. Of course occasionally there was a cracking shot, but that’s bound to happen when you’re taking a photo every day. To force yourself to find something to shoot and then take an interesting, good quality photo every. single. day. is a huge creative challenge and one that only the amazing can, in my opinion, succeed at.

Secondly, it’s really stressful! I suppose this is just an extension of the first reason, but it really is. Knowing that every day you have to get a photo, lying in bed at night suddenly realising you’ve forgotten and snapping anything just so you don’t fail, man did it get to me. The pressure was insane. Definitely not good for me or my health!

So overall I’m really glad I failed it and that it’s over for me now. I’ve taken some time away from my camera since but will be picking it up again soon, but only when I’m inspired to do so.


  1. Jayne

    I had a similar revelation with NaBloPoMo last year. I took it on thinking that it would force me to blog creatively but I ended up posting things that I wasn’t pronud of and wouldn’t usually blog about. For me, blogging is an “as and when” passtime and forcing myself to post some token snippet just made a mess of my blog, in my opinion.

    Good for you for being introspective enough to know its not for you and having the strength to stop.

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Thanks hun.
      You’re so right, I didn’t feel proud of many of the photos I took at all, it brings you down, doesn’t it.

  2. Flo

    Great post! I’ve never understood these high-pressure blogging projects. The reality is that most readers don’t want to have to check a blog every day just to keep up with it either, so it’s daft for a blogger to post that much content anyway.
    And you’re probably more likely to lose readers if they get tired of checking in only to find they’re faced with too many substandard and uninteresting posts that are clogging up their own day. The reading of project blogs can become just as much of a burden as writing them!

    The best blogs do not need to be updated daily, they just need to have good content when they are updated. I’m pretty sure that the projects are more to improve your google rankings than anything else and that can become an ongoing nightmare in itself and not worth the grief 😛

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