100 Word Challenge: parting is such sweet sorrow

This has taken me literally a whole day to write. I am struggling with a serious bout of writers block, hence the pretty much radio silence on the blog. Turns out when you’re lacking in an ability to write 100 words is a lot!

Who said that parting is such sweet sorrow?

Will I see you tomorrow?

Maybe some mojo I can borrow?

For I find myself without a word.

My story never heard.

Listening to the birds

As I try to bring a sentence together.

The loss of my clever

This feeling could last forever.

50 words down, half way there.

Pulling out hair.

What a nightmare.

Several more words down,

Wander around.

I deserve a crown

For writing this all out.

Another bout.

Need a clout.

Will this never end?

Try again.

Kind words from friends.


Parting isn’t such sweet sorrow.

Til Tomorrow.


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