Nightingale Woods – Kathryn Brown

I’m not a romance reader but I thought I’d give Nightingale Woods a try, it was written by a friend of mine so it would be rude not to! (p.s. Just because my friend wrote it doesn’t mean my review is affected!)

The story follows Rachel, a very annoying, naive woman, and her affair with married man, Steve. I spent much of the book wanting to give Rachel a good slap and tell her to get a grip, I think that proves how well written the characters are!

It’s very interesting to read a book from the perspective of the other woman; being kept hanging, being played. It’s not often that you see that side of the story so it makes for a great read. It’s also light; it doesn’t require a lot of thought and doesn’t leave you emotionally drained after reading. It would be a great beach book!

Overall I’m giving Nightingale Woods 4/5 TeePots.

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  1. Susan Mann

    I loved this book, it’s a great read x

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