1. Notmyyearoff

    Oh wow that looks really nice!’

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Thanks 🙂 my new toy!

  2. Victoria Welton

    Ooo, I’m a little bit envious :). Love new technology x

    1. Mrs TeePot

      He he me too! I love it!

  3. Multi Layer Mummy

    I really want one of those, but with a keyboard, lucky you!

    1. Mrs TeePot

      I’m debating getting one of those roll up keyboards for it actually!

  4. Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    Is that a new toy to play with? Lucky you.

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Yup, and its fabulous!

    1. Mrs TeePot

      It is! I’m so in love!

  5. sarahhillwheeler


  6. Louise Lloyd

    oooooh new shiny toy! My favourite type of photos 🙂

  7. mummyslittle peeps

    Ah great stuff. Enjoy

  8. Mother Goutte

    Nice 🙂 We are tablets fans in the house (DH being in the business!) but they are often hogged by the children!!!

  9. Alison Pike

    oooh pretty! The Mr was suggesting we got one of those so I’ll be watching out for your views!

  10. My Two Mums

    ooo, nice bit of shiny tech.

  11. TheBoyandMe

    That’s a very nice looking tablet! I’m not at *all* jealous 😉

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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