Photo Editing: Bane of my life!

This is a sponsored post but it’s absolutely fabulous anyway!

So, you may or may not have noticed that I rather enjoy my photography! I’m currently attempting both a Project 365 and a couple of Project 52s, but we shan’t go into how I’m doing on those in this post! Anyway, it may come as some surprise that I’m not really a fan of actually editing the photos and I think I’ve found a major reason for this, aside from that it’s very time consuming!

Sony VaioSee, my laptop isn’t the greatest. Don’t get me wrong, I love our Geraldine (that’s her name!) but damn does she get hot under the collar for no reason! I try to keep her on solid surfaces so her fan can do its thing nice and easily without getting clogged up, I try to keep her cool by not opening too many things at once and generally being kind to her, but I’m a multi-tasking bunny, I can’t be writing without tweeting, I can’t be browsing without Facebooking! In short, she struggles to keep up with me. What I really need is a sony laptop that can handle me opening hundreds of photos in one go, in two or three different programs, along with twitter, and browsers, and maybe some text documents for good measure.

I need something with a bit more storage too; space for all those images before I transfer them to my external drive, because it can take me some time to transfer stuff across, because it’s a bit of a hassle, right?! So some more space would really be ideal, and it would, I think, make it run faster too, and as I’ve said before; I have a need for speed.

So I’ll certainly be saving up for a replacement sooner or later, at the rate my savings tend to go it’ll be later, but that’s ok, because maybe I’m not ready to part with her just yet!


  1. Brian Clark

    try an Acer , mine lets me open tons of stuff

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Interestingly the one I have is an Acer! Was a cheapy one though!

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