1. Tas D

    Pizza?? Yummmmm!

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Yup! Food of the Gods!

  2. Sarah MumofThree World

    Wow, that looks delicious – making my mouth water 🙂

  3. Helen

    Not sure if I’m attracted or repelled by that photo!!

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Lol! I was definitely attracted by it!

  4. sabrina montagnoli

    I love pizza! Was it as good as it looks?

  5. Lous Lake Views

    looks delish, I’m hungry now 🙂 great close up

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Thanks 🙂 It was!

  6. Lynda Freebrey

    Wonder whether that was your topping on the pizza, or the ready made variety!

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Little of both! Veggie pizza which I added some sausage too!

  7. Aimee

    Oh I shouldn’t have clicked on that link! *hungry now*

  8. Mammasaurus


  9. Rach J - A Good Day To Dye

    Ahhhh LUSH! Be glad you can’t hear me – doing an impressive Homer Simpson impression after seeing that! Warlarrrrrryummmmslurrrrrppppp :o)

  10. pinkoddy

    Yum the link should have come with a warning.

  11. Emma wright

    That looks lovely and Spanish x

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Thanks, it was very yummy!

  12. Louise Lloyd

    oooooooh yummIE! I have just been in Chicago and tried a real life deep pan pizza pie with sausage….. also amazing!

    Thank you for linking up with Photo of the Week – sorry it has taken longer than usual to comment and share X

  13. Eileen Teo

    u make me so hungry now! look delicious!

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