On Vegetarianism

So on Sunday we went out for lunch instead of having a roast, due to the flood stress, and we ended up at a local restaurant on the coast that specialised in fish. I ordered prawn cocktail (one of my favourites but I shouldn’t eat it) and some fish I can’t pronounce, let alone spell. Anyway, the fish came and I wasn’t really prepared for it…a whole fish on a plate…

See when it comes to meat (and fish), I’m a hypocrite. I eat  it but I don’t want it to look like it’s ever been alive. I hate even thinking about little lambs being slaughtered, or any other animals for that matter, but I figure the lambs will make you see what I mean because they’re cute and fluffy. But anyway, I digress. I turn off TV shows that talk about or show animals being bred for meat or slaughtered, I just can’t handle it, at all. It makes me feel terribly guilty and that really puts me off my food.


So when they came out with an actual fish, cooked, I was a little in shock. I mean look at it; it’s got teeth, and an (albeit missing) eye, and everything…

So on the walk home I started pondering going vegetarian. After all, by rights I should be; better a veggie than a hypocritical meat eater, right? No one likes those carnivores who munch down their bacon and refuse to accept it used to be Peppa Pig.

But right there lies the problem. I love bacon. I mean not as much as that there Cosmic Girlie, but I likes me some bacon! And ribs, and ham, and chicken and even steak on occasion. I really enjoy meat. And to be honest I’m not a big fan of veggie options. And on top of that it’s incredibly difficult to be vegetarian where I live in France; it’s a farming area and there is meat everywhere, in fact many restaurants don’t have a vegetarian option.

So here I am a-pondering. What do you think? Are you a born carnivore or are you veggie and proud?


  1. Victoria Welton

    I have to admit to being a born carnivore (I guess I wouldnt be doing the diet I’m doing if I wasn’t!). My Mum has been vegetarian for years and when I lived with her a few years ago I had a lot of veggie meals – they were really nice but I couldnt do it permanently.

    1. Mrs TeePot

      I’m not sure I could do it permanently either, I just love meat too much!

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