100 Word Challenge: I nearly forgot

As she ran into the house she turned on her heel, “oh my goodness! I nearly forgot the baby” she squealed in panic. Grabbing the car seat, with said baby in it, she ran back into the house. She had half an hour before her date and she had no idea what to wear. She’d also failed to mention on the dating site that she was a single mother, would that matter to him?

The babysitter arrived as she made it through the door, she slipped into her little black dress and sprinted out of the door in her slippers.



  1. Older Mum

    Ha!!!! Loved the detail at the end ……

  2. lorrainefort

    LOL! the slippers add to the whole drama and chaos of her desire to go out and her desire to stay home…lovely!

  3. managua

    In her slippers! Brilliant!

  4. AnnieMammasaurus

    Heh heh slippers! I always mean to have a go at one of these 100 words things and this may well be the one that convinces me to have a bash 😀

    1. Mrs TeePot

      I was inspired because I went out in my slippers the other day! Oops! lol!
      You should definitely give it a go, I find them a really enjoyable challenge 🙂

  5. Sally

    I love the last line!

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