Restaurante Vino Mio

Yesterday we headed to Malaga. The day was pretty much a disaster but we’ll ignore that and focus on the food!

We actually went to visit El Piano, a gluten free, vegan ‘restaurant’ that turned out to be more of a deli/shop with very little choice. Instead we had a brief wander down to one of the squares and discovered Restaurante Vino Mio.

Considering I’d been planning a gluten free day, I threw caution to the wind and ordered black tagliatelle with prawns in garlic and white wine sauce, it was absolutely worth it though, very yummy though not garlicky enough for me!

I also tried some of my parent’s starters; a mango burrito and a prawn parcel. The burrito was amazing! I wish I’d ordered one of those!

For pudding I went for a Guinness and chocolate cake, while my parents played safe with a mango mousse. My cake was very heavy but nice, not the best chocolate cake I’ve tasted though.

Overall I’d give Vino Mio 4/5 TeePots, they played it a bit safe on the garlic front for it to get 5.

Restaurante Vino Mio

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  1. Steve

    Chocky and guinness cake sounds lovely, in fact the whole lot does

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