Tuna, Cheese Pasta with Onion

This is a sponsored post but it’s a good, if simple, recipe!

I’m not normally a food blogger but I’ve decided to share my favourite recipe with you that’s also ideal if you’re camping, not that I expect any of you to be camping in the weather most of you are getting at the moment, but that’s all the more reason to try some Al Fresco Holidays¬†somewhere with better weather!

DPP_0624Tuna, Cheese Pasta with Onion

To feed 1 person you will need:

1 small can of tuna
50g cheddar cheese
120g pasta (gluten free in my case)
1/4 of an onion, chopped


Boil the pasta for however long it says on the packet.

While the pasta is on the go, chop (or grate) your cheese and open and drain your tuna.

When done, drain the pasta

Add the cheese and tuna and return to the heat

Keep mixing to avoid the cheese sticking to the pan too much and make sure all your pasta is coated.

Pour onto a plate or into a bowl and munch!

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