Thank you to Witchypoo (aka Mama TeePot) for the photos in this post.

Yesterday we headed to the local Amazonas Brazilian restaurant on the, very windy, prom for a meal.


I will admit to being a bit nervous about eating at a Brazilian place, I’m a fan of plain food, no spices, not even pepper, but it was amazing! We opted for the buffet rather than a set meal and wow!

I’m not normally a drinker but I ordered a caipirinha cocktail. When in Brazil, right…! It tasted, to me, a bit of whiskey so I wouldn’t have it again but I successfully finished it by the end of the meal!

It’s a lime and lemon based cocktail with some sort of Brazilian alcoholic beverage!

Anyway after we’d all ordered drinks the table was laid with rice, salad, potato wedges, banana fritters, black bean sauce and a spicy sauce.


I was happily filling my plate when a friendly gentleman with a huge meaty stick came along (I’m aware it’s not meaty in this photo!). I took some of his meat and tucked in. I had barely finished that round when another meat was brought out, “Si, si, I’ll have some of that too please,” said I! Then another. And another. Soon you were wondering just how many types of mean there could possibly be!

Chicken wings, turkey wrapped in bacon, spicy sausage, ham, pork loin, pork ribs beef (rare or well done), picanha beef, lamb, beef with garlic, vegetable and meat skewer. Everything you could imagine came out from that kitchen, and all beautifully cooked.

Finally a pineapple appeared! Dusted with cinnamon it tasted divine and was the perfect end to a very filling meal!

When the bill arrived it came with Sangria too! I call that a win!

I would give the restaurant 5 TeePots for it’s awesomely friendly staff and delicious food!



  1. Louise @ One Epic Holiday

    can I come along? I could do with 3 months in the sun and eating tons and drinking cocktails – even minging ones! It’s currently -1C outside here. 

    1. Mrs TeePot

      I’d love for you to but would have to ask the parentals! Plus at the moment we’re looking after some poinsettia! Boo!

      1. Louise @ One Epic Holiday

        but it’s JANUARY! Throw away that damn poinsettia now! They are EVIL.  Coz they want me dead.  Dead and deaded.  Mega dead.  Like they have a personal vendetta against my survival.

        I’ve got 4 nights in Magaluf in a few months time to look forward to, drinking, sun, with a hen party of 8 others… ooooh

        1. Mrs TeePot

          Lol! Can’t throw them, they’re next door’s! We’re looking after them! lol! They look very pretty though!

          Oooh that sounds fabulous!

  2. Sheri Kauffman

    Sounds wonderful!

    1. Mrs TeePot

      it was fab! I think we’ll be going there again!

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