The Witch Who Made Adjustments – Vera Nazarian

the witch who made adjustments

“The witch who made adjustments” is a short story, that in itself would normally put me off but I fancied a witchy story so I gave it a go.

I have to admit that had I not read the reviews of it halfway through I would have put it down, never to pick it back up again. I found it got somewhat tedious in the middle, though the beginning was interesting and the end heartwarming.

The writing, and I’m sure you’ll all disagree with me here as I haven’t read much Pratchett, reminded me of Terry Pratchett’s style with it’s humour and wordy descriptions.

Not something I’ll be reading again but I am glad I finished it as the end was worth it.

3/5 TeePots (which I don’t have photos of to hand right now)

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