Notre Dame & Xmas Markets

Today we hopped on a bus and headed to Notre Dame. Despite not finding the hunchback we did have a nice time and a good look around. Louise managed to lose her awesome hat in there but fortunately it was there when we went back; a sign of the good manners of the French people (and tourists too of course).

We also got the chance to see a bridge covered in padlocks. I think I blogged about it last time I was in Paris but I’ll tell you the story again. When lovers visit Paris they can bring with them (or indeed buy) a padlock, engraved or written on or neither, and lock it to said bridge, the key is then thrown into the Seine, the idea being that your love will last for eternity. Presumably unless someone comes along with a pair of bolt cutters! It always amuses me that some people use coded locks…just in case!

Following a brief stint in the hotel sorting the first batch of the day’s photos we were off again for dinner and some Christmas markets down the Champs Elysées. What with all the food and wine on offer, the festive stalls, an ice rink, Santas (yes plural!) and Christmas jingles playing you couldn’t fail to get in the festive spirit! I did treat myself to some Chi Chis (Churros) with some Nutella too, just because it has to be done you understand!

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