Saying No

cocktail“Just the one” I start to say
Knowing to it I wont stay.
For when it comes to drink, you see
It sort of overtakens me.

Because that one is not enough,
Not by far, I need that stuff,
One more is ordered, then another
Before I know it friends run for cover.

The shame I bring after one too many
Could bring a tear to the eyes of any.
And though I wish I could say no
It’s harder than you think you know.

When after one my only urge
Is to keep drinking til I have to purge.
Never will I have my fill,
I know, I know, that I am ill.
So know this, that I do not drink
For good reasons, so I think.

Just a little rhyme about binge drinking issues and why I tend to avoid alcohol

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  1. brian clark

    i too ,for health reasons , no longer binge drink . i only drink at parties , festivals etc .
    but , once that first drink is down , i want more and do so . usually i’m fine , don’t make to many gaffes or too much a fool off myself .it reminds me of how i used to be and lets off some steam occasionally .works for me , but that’s me .

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