100 Word Challenge: I woke with another headache

I woke with another headache.

“Oh make it stop, please” I mumble from under a pillow as tears start to form in my eyes. Tossing and turning in my bed trying to make the pain go away I snuggle down. The medication just wasn’t working and the emptiness was starting to envelop me.

How could it be so hard to just wake up in a morning? To get out of bed? To shower, or eat, or drink, or live?

I drift off again, back into the nightmares. There’s no release from my depression.

When it comes it is all consuming.


  1. Sparks In Shadow

    I understand the feeling you wrote about. This is a good representation. 

    I think we’re supposed to add the words of the prompt to the 100, but still, your piece is very realistic.

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Thanks. The prompt was supposed to read as part of the story but I can see now that because it’s emboldened it looks like the title. 

      1. Sparks In Shadow

        Oh, I’m sorry! It’s hard to tell sometimes when we writers each do our own stylistic thing.
        As I read blogs, I sometimes waver between saying nothing in case I’m wrong, and not being stingy in case I can help. A thousand pardons.

  2. Middle-Aged Matron

    I do hope this isn’t a personal account. Sounds intolerable.

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Sadly it is something I suffer with

  3. Guest

    awful and overwhelming. May rays of sunshine and joy permeate the soul of this person.  It seems too much in the moment, but one second at a time, it can be overcome…baby steps always bring relief. Nicely written.

  4. Older Mum

    I hope the medication kicks in for this person – depression as severe as this is just awful. Nicely done.  

  5. Helen

    Dear Mrs Teepot I have subscribed to your blog .. I have been there .. so understand these heartfelt words xxx

  6. Miriam Drori

    Thank you for this tiny window on something I’m glad I don’t understand.

  7. Delft

    Vivid picture. Happily I don’t know those depths. 

    I admire the courage with which – suddenly it seems to me, maybe I’ve only become aware of it in the past months – more people are speaking up about mental health issues. 

  8. shadetheraven

    And it’s morning like this that make one scream until there is noting left. It may not end the pain, but what else is left to do?
    As someone who has been here, I can identify really well with this one, so it hit me hard.
    Excellent work still!

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