100 Word Challenge: suddenly it was in my hand

I stared at it, lustful and wanting. Knowing how tasty it would be. How succulent and delicious. Oh how I wanted it. No, needed it. I mentally devoured it.

 Suddenly it was in my hand. I tore the wrapping off, gently, not wanting to destroy the contents.

I put it slowly into my mouth, sucking gently, running my tongue around it, tasting it’s deliciousness. It’s even better than I remembered, even more mouthwateringly good than the last time. The wait has made it better. The longing, the desire has made that beautiful bitter taste more scrumptious.

I bite.

Mmmm, Chocolate.


  1. Susan Mann

    lol it’s perfect. x

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Thanks hun! Took a lot more than usual to write, I’m not a natural comedy writer!

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