An Olympic Competition!

This competition is now closed!

It’s nearly the Olympics folks! Are you excited? I hope so!

Are you so excited you want to paint your teams colours on your face and show them to the world? Because I am!

Check me out with my awesome Flag Tag that will be appearing on a big screen during the Games themselves!

It’s great fun to make one, you just upload a pic or take a photo with your webcam and paint your face with the flag of the team(s) your supporting during the Olympics. You can see my Flag Tag on the right and they might even appear on a big screen during the Olympics (if you want it to of course.)

I was somewhat torn between France and the UK, but I’m feeling a bit of National Pride in the run up to the games so I am rocking the Union Jack!

If you want to make your own Flag Tag and support your team I have a special treat for you: you can win a camera!

The camera is a Panasonic Lumix and is specially designed for the Olympic Games as they’re one of the sponsors! It has intelligent auto for awesome photos no matter what and even does video recording! For more information just click the photo of the camera!

Now on to the matter of entries!

To enter you need to hop over to the Panasonic Facebook Page and take part in their fun Olympic app that I mentioned above.

When you’ve been over and made your flag tag, leave me a comment on this post with a link to your photo (you can find it on your wall if you click “post to wall” when you’re done.).

I will need the winners address so please only enter if you’re happy to give me that information. It will only be used for posting the camera and not for anything else.

The competition is open to everyone!

The winner will be judged by me and my decision is final! I’ll be judging on the inventiveness and Olympic spirit shown in the photo.

The closing date is 9th September 2012

Get playing folks! Good luck!

This competition is now closed!


  1. Bobby Green

    Thank you for running this competition, I would love to win this camera, its beautiful!!!

  2. Superlucky Di

    Here’s my photo – go Myanmar, go!

  3. Lucy L Richards

    He, he…here’s mine!

  4. Mymummyspennies

    here’s mine… I particularly like hubby’s grumpy face next to me…

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