Fifty Shades of Grey – E.L. James

This is an erotic novel, if you are under the age of consent or find BDSM disturbing or offensive then this is not the book for you.

Having reviewed the reviews of 50 shades in a previous post, I figured now I’ve finished the book it might be wise to review the book itself!

Having read a huge amount of negative reviews I truly expected to have to drag myself through this book, fortunately that was not the case. Yes, it is poorly written. Yes, I want to throttle her ‘inner goddess’ and slap her every time her ‘breath hitches’ or some other repetitive thing happens. But despite that the story is compelling.

I found myself quickly lost in Ana and Christian’s world, warming to the characters and madly in love with Mr Grey (though nowhere near as much as Mr E Edward Grey from Secretary)

As far as the BDSM element goes I don’t think it’s a dangerous book to have out there, or something that will ‘make’ women submissive. It’s a work of erotic fiction that happens to have opened up a choice of lifestyle to the mainstream and seems to be encouraging many women to embrace their sexuality and that shouldn’t be a bad thing, in my opinion.

3/5 Teapots from me for the ability to lose yourself in the story.

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  1. Mrs M

    I enjoyed this book too. I also thought it was poorly written, but good holiday fodder and strangely addictive.

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