Today’s post is inspired by the lovely Spike who sent me the featured song (down at the bottom) after a particularly gruelling day!

Wednesday is Dance lessons day. I love dancing, I love learning new dances and trying to remember old ones and one day hopefully I can be whirled around the floor in a graceful fashion! The problem is that where there were just a handful of us at said lessons there are now upto 20, sometimes even more, and I don’t do people.

For 2 or 3 weeks now I haven’t been able to go because my anxiety has got the better of me. Today I got to the door and couldn’t go in. I turned around and sat in the car when one of the dance teachers, and a friend, came out to me. She briefly taught me EFT and left me with the manual for it.

So, in the car I sat, tapping various parts of my body and no doubt causing mild bruising, humming Happy Birthday and rolling my eyes like a loon! After each attempt I did feel better but not quite better enough to get out of the car and get into the dance class. I needed something else, I felt like I needed to shuffle my Tarot deck, which was at home, or dowse to calm myself that last little bit just to get me in.

I had a dig around in my bag and luckily remembered my Tigers Eye gemstone in my purse, I carry it to bring wealth (it’s not working!) but it’s also good for confidence and emotional strength. I took it out and held it in my hand, squeezing it tightly, willing it’s power into me.

Et voila, as they say over here, I walked in. Nervously. And I didn’t dance, I just sat down quietly and had coffee. But I went in.

That’s what I did today to make me feel proud. What have you done?

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  1. Spike_UK

    Thanks for the name check in your post Mrs T – I really appreciate it. I also really appreciate the candid and skilful way that you write about very personal things like anxiety. This helps other people experiencing the same or similar issues.
    Yes, you can *indeed* be proud of yourself!

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