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I’ve been planning this post for a while, since blogging caused some problems with a date actually, but the start of the next Ultimate Blog Challenge has spurred me on!

Since I started blogging, many moons ago now, it has grown on me more and more and now it is as much a part of my life as shaving my legs! It allows me to express myself, it gives me space to air my grievances and it makes me some money every now and again. It’s important to me and it’s fun!

It’s somewhat difficult to explain blogging to people, it sounds┬ánarcissistic, boring or pointless when in fact it is none of those. Well…maybe a little of the first! There is a community within blogging, no matter how generic that sounds, that offers support and friendship. It’s through social media and blogging I have found some amazing and true friends, some I’ve been able to meet with, some I am still waiting to see but they are still friends.

I’ve tried different blogging platforms, changed url, had some writing opportunities come my way and been to a fantastic blogging event at CyberMummy. Blogging has given me so much, just as much as I put into it.

So while this is a somewhat jumbled post I wanted my first of the Ultimate Blog Challenge posts to explain why I love blogging and why I’m giving the challenge another go after stumbling over it last time!

Recently I’ve had some issues that have given me second thoughts about continuing blogging but seeing this post in my drafts reminded me that I enjoy it, I want to continue with it and dammit, no one is going to stop me!

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