Horses for courses

I have been compensated for this post, but it’s still true!

You may or may not know that I used to ride, in fact I used to have a horse that lived in my Uncle’s stables. She was beautiful and so lovely, apart from that time she stood on my foot…and that other time she kicked me in the groin…but they were both my fault! You get my point; lovely horse, stupid owner!

However, it’s been a while and I’m sure it would be ever so entertaining for you all if I hopped on a horse now! But there is an ex-pat riding group out here that I’ve been angling to join, so far it’s worked out a bit too expensive but I shall keep hoping because there’s something about, excuse the sickliness here, ‘being at one’ with the horse you’re riding that is quite soothing and can ease all manner of problems.

In fact, did you know that horses can actually help the sick and those with certain illnesses are sometimes encouraged to go riding or help out at a stables to be around the horses because of the healing effects they can have.

Anyway, horse equipment can be very expensive, which is where Equestrianclearance comes in, with bargain prices you can afford to ride and gain all the benefits you get from horse ownership without the enormous price tag.

If you hop over there you’ll see they also sell things for other pets too so if you’re not a horsey person you might still be able to get a bargain!

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