The ones you left behind

I have been compensated for this post, but it’s still true and fabulous!

Being an expat can be great fun, lead to fabulous new opportunities and grow your network of friends at a rate of knots. Of course the flip side to that is that you are away from those original, ‘hard core’ friends who were there for you from day dot.

It can be hard to keep in touch between work, family, trying to have a ‘real life’ social life and manage to eat and sleep as it is. Finding that precious time to phone home or write an email to those people who supported you up until you became an expat can be tough. What you can find time to do though, while perusing the internets and updating your status all over, is to find gifts for her at Interflora, for that real BFF who you wouldn’t be here without. Let’s face it, if a bunch of flowers, or some chocolates, or even a little pampering box landed on your doorstep, it’d bring a smile knowing someone was thinking of you, right?

Friends are so important and in this manic world they’re so easy to lose touch with or have what was something truly special, something close and real, become reduced to a “like” here and there and the odd text. Show them you care and send something that shows you still need them! Go on, do it now!

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