Project 365: This is not a photo post

I am struggling.

There. I said it. This 365 thing is starting to get to me. The photos I’m taking are getting worse rather than better, my inspiration is dwindling and I’m sick of it. And we’re only 4 months in. Another 8 months of this and I’ll be off my rocker well and truly, posting photos that could have been taken by a 2 year old.

I don’t want to quit because I’ve started, I made a commitment, I want to finish, but if it continues to affect me like this I think I’ll have to. It seems silly to carry on if I’m getting nothing from it but stress though.

A lovely photographer and friend suggested changing the project title to something like “Livi’s Life” or something similar to take the focus away from it being everyday and place it on recording important moments when inspiration hits. I love that idea and the temptation to start that as well is one I am currently fighting as I’ve taken enough on this year as it is! Although I’m already thinking “TeePot’s Titbits!”

Anyway, I just needed a bit of a rant about my stupid idea to take on Project 365 when I really should have known it wasn’t for me, my Project 52 fell by the wayside pretty fast as I panicked to keep up with a photo every day, so maybe it’s best I leave it this year and launch TeePot’s Titbits later on?

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