Google Plus: What the hell happened?

When Google Plus first opened it’s virtual doors I was in love, it was beautiful and logical and it worked. Instead of stupid cat photos and bitchy status updates there were beautiful images, inspirational videos and real interaction. And mostly that hasn’t changed, but something has…the look.

See when G+ first appeared it changed minor things, tweaked as people sent feedback and it progressed to something that worked and looked just fine. It wasn’t perfect but it did the job. Now though it’s all just…rubbish. And I rarely say that about a Google product! There’s been a lot of mocking of the white space and with good reason, I mean look:

What a waste of space! I used to get about 3 posts on a page, now just the one which means scrolling through everything takes forever, so I don’t bother. And with it being so distasteful and…white…I’m just not going on it, I’m using *shudders* Facebook.

Additionally, that chat window annoys me too, I never sign into chat on any social network, I hate it! Why can’t they put it down the bottom or out of the way so it’s not taking up valuable screen space? I want my full width posts back!

I wish I loved it, I really do. I’ve tried to brainwash myself watching Google’s advertising for it, but it’s just not happening. I want the old version back, and less white, and fast!


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