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England, in fact the UK as a whole, is known for it’s love of animals. The Brits are suckers for a fluffy bunny, a cute doggy or a playful kitty more than most other nationalities, and it’s something that I did love about the UK. As an animal lover myself I’ve always had a soft spot for pets and have grown up with dogs, cats and recently guinea pigs. I adore them all!

France is not the same.

One thing I don’t think I’ll ever get used to in France is the way animals are treated. Of course this is a generalisation and there are plenty of French people who love animals the way I do, but it does seem that over all it’s just not the same.

We go on weekly walks round the countryside, several of us take our dogs to give them some exercise, and on said walks we’ll see countless dogs locked in cages or tied up and barking loudly, desperate for some fun, for some love. See out here, animals are animals, they have a purpose; guard dogs, cats for hunting mice, horses for racing, they aren’t much loved members of the family, but a necessity that is treated as such.

It breaks my heart when I see wild cats hunting for food, or indeed owned cats looking scrawny and unloved, dogs who have spent their whole life caged, fur around their neck worn away from always being collared and tied up, horses living in poor conditions. It’s just one of those things I don’t see myself hardening too, I want to save them all! In fact plenty of ex-pats do adopt the wild cats or try to rescue poorly treated animals, they’re known for it! I think the locals consider us idiots for it too, but we can’t help it! We’re from a country who demanded justice for the cat who got thrown into a wheelie bin.

I try to tell myself that there are worse things they could do, but it still upsets me to see animals suffer. Hopefully soon they’ll come round to seeing animals like we do and love them in the same way.



  1. Grace

    Thank you for this gentle reminder, Italy is similar to france when it comes to animals and very different to what we were used to in the UK. My man is a bit of a dog whisperer and we have taken on more dogs since arriving in Italy! Ghandi once said :”You can judge a nation by how it treats its animals”. I always think of this.
    You have a lovely site ma cherie! 

  2. JRT

    I had no idea animals were treated this way in France. What a sad reality!  It’s so different here in Germany, which shares the border.  I wonder where this disregard for fuzzy creatures originates…

  3. Nics Notebook

    Oooh I wouldn’t like that 🙁

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