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Better the Devil You Know

guest postToday I’m very lucky to have a fantastic guest post from Nicole Bandes that will get you thinking and hopefully inspire you too. Nicole is guest posting on several blogs as she’s set herself a challenge to guest post on 25 sites in 18 days so you might see some more of her writing on your trip around the blogosphere. But for now please enjoy her post right here:

Nicole Bandes is the bestselling author of Positivity on Purpose: Intentionally Create More Abundance, Wealth and Happiness. Go from negative, unhappy and miserable to positive, excited and extraordinary in just 30 days with her Positivity on Purpose Transformational Challenge beginning  April 23rd

Recently I was helping out a dear friend of mine who had just lost his partner to suicide. We were talking about the old times and the recent times and sharing stories as we cleaned out the storage shed he’d shared with his partner while going through years of memories together.

We started to talk about change. The conversation began, in the simple way these things tend to, when I mentioned how I used to rearrange my room all the time by myself as a scrawny 12 year old. He shared how he used to do the same and wasn’t it funny that, as children, we seemed to thrive on change but as we get older, change becomes more and more difficult to adapt to. We’d rather keep things the same.

And that is so true for so many people these days. They’d rather hold on to what they know, what is safe, rather than face the unknown world that might bring them exactly what they’ve long sought. Thus we say,

better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

Faced with the choice, most people will choose not to decide, thus staying the same.

I had to stop though.  Because that’s not me.  In fact, I tend to the opposite.  Even at the ripening middle age of 38, I still thrive on change.

I shared with my friend that I sometimes wondered if that was a bad thing.  It was something I had pondered off and on for a while.  Did I tend to adapt too easily and not spend enough time on the emotional roller coaster that seems to accompany most change?  After all, that seemed like what one was SUPPOSED to do.  That was what was NORMAL.  As soon as the words were spoken out loud and I gave voice to the thoughts, I instantly realized how silly it really was.

YOU see, there is a very valid reason that there are only 2% of any given population that is considered successful.  Well, there are probably multiple reasons.  However, one of those reasons is because that 2% doesn’t do what everyone else does.  They don’t do what’s NORMAL!  They think different, they act different, they feel different.

I suddenly realized that my ability to adapt easily to change, in fact, to THRIVE on it, was truly a gift.

I’m constantly making the best out of bad situations.  I enjoy finding the silver lining in every dark cloud.  I know there is a gift to be had in every tragedy.  For these reasons, I can embrace and welcome any change that comes my way.

I’m different.

Are YOU?

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