Joyeuse Pâques

Easter isn’t something I personally celebrate, but it’s big in France with it being a Catholic country.

They don’t celebrate Good Friday though but some towns have had bunting out for the celebrations and the supermarkets go pretty mad for it, as you can see from the photo! There are some obscenely expensive, handmade chocolate eggs, chicks and rabbits if you’re that way inclined but for me the cheaper, mass produced ones are just fine!


On Easter Sunday my family hosted an egg hunt for the local ex pats, and our lovely French next door neighbour, so we were super busy all weekend making food for the buffet, writing a French themed quiz and hiding enough eggs for all the people coming. It turns out it can be quite difficult making sure eggs are well hidden, but not too hard to find!

If you’re interested the Egg Hunt Champion found his egg in just 11 minutes! The last couple trickled in after about 50 minutes with some eggs still lost!

Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and the food went down fantastically well! There was a bit of controversy over the quiz, which I compiled, but you can’t win ’em all!

So that’s how we spent our Easter. What did you do?



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