Social Media Pet Peeves

Today it’s time for a rant, I’m feeling in that sort of mood and with a prompt like the one above who wouldn’t be! So here are my top 5 social media pet peeves:

  1. Follow Friday: I am so over that and have been for the past, ooh…year or two?! Just stop it people! Stop it right now! The stupid tweets which just reel off all the people you follow. Nobody cares! If you must do it, give a good reason and only do 1 or at most 5, stop spamming my feed with rubbish.
  2. Facebook Groups: Who says it’s ok to add me without my permission to a group I’m not interested in? Hell, I’ve been added to groups that I don’t fit the criteria for! Facebook really need to make it a “send request” button, not just allow people to be dragged into groups whether they want to or not.
  3. Google Plus failing to update: I know it’s a new platform, and I love it in general, but sometimes I go to update and the stupid update box wont load! It’s soooo frustrating! Sort it Google!
  4. Trolls: Less a pet peeve, more an all out hatred, but trolls really do my nut in. How anyone has the time to cyber stalk people just to sling abuse at them is beyond me. Get a job/life/some sex/anything!
  5. Trending Topics: Oh here we go! Seriously, who let all the tweens onto twitter? If I see one more Beaver or Wand Erection related trending topic I may actually crack! At least when I was young my stupid crushes were kept within the confines of close friends, not broadcast on social media to come bite me in the backside when I grew up!

Cor, that feels better! What irks you about social media?

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