Baked with Love: Gluten Free Banana Bread

It seems that once I get baking you just can’t stop me! (Or more likely once I get flour that doesn’t upset my tummy…) Anyhoo…

My second entry to English Mum‘s Baked With Love Bake Off (are we allowed more than one entry???) is banana bread. Can you tell I’ve got a bit of a penchant for bananas?!

Anyway the recipe I used for my Gluten Free Banana Bread was from the Beeb (that’s the BBC!), click the linky to see the full recipe. I skipped the cherries because I wasn’t feeling in a cherry mood and added more sultanas. I also just used my Asda gluten free flour again. (No, not being sponsored, but I should be!)

And this was the result! A nommy banana loaf.

I will add one piece of advice though; 3 bananas wasn’t enough for me. It’s not bananary enough in my opinion, next time I make it I’ll be adding at least 4 bigg’uns!

Oh, and the reason it’s “baked with love” is because I’m showing my tummy some love by not upsetting it! (Look it me baring too much info on the blog, as usual!) So it does fit the theme! And the same goes for yesterday’s entry of Gluten Free Banana and Sultana Muffcakes! I loves my tummy and I loves them in my tummy! mmmhmmm!

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