A French Date

This afternoon I had a date with a Frenchman. Set up through an online dating service he was the first guy I found on it and I only signed up yesterday night!

So he arrived, on the day that inches of snow had coated our region, and I took a deep breath and greeted him, explaining that I was nervous because I was, very!  But he was lovely and polite, he greeted my parents and we had a coffee and a chat.

I can tell you something now, it is tough to communicate when you both only speak a little of the other language! But we got by and went for a walk with one of the dogs; there was hand holding and more talking. It was very cold.


On returning, after more chatting, he said he didn’t want to kiss me with my step-dad in the room so I quickly kicked him out and the kissing commenced! French kissing, of course. But oh how he smelt. He smelled of man and smoke and amazing aftershave, just incredible. Intoxicating.

There was chatting and more kissing and it was generally just lovely. Fingers crossed date number 2 is a success too!

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  1. PaulaMaher

    so glad it went well. here’s to many more dates! 

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