Ladies what lunch…or not…

Today my step-dad headed off to “readaptation” and as he left my mother said “shall we go out for lunch?”

Not needing to be asked twice I was re-dressed in tights and kitten heels, ready to roll in a flash and off we went in search of food! To “Cafe Z” first, in the local town (13.5km away) where we had to run errands anyway, but no, they were closed until January 10th…so back in the car and another 9.6km to “Le Chat Noir” to be told they only serve food on a Sunday, but they know of a place nearby that does pizza and things. So back in the car and off we go, another 9.9km to discover that the pizza place has finished serving apart from dessert.

It is now half 1.

Back in the car, given up and back, 14.6km, to our original destination in Gorron to try the “Bar Sportif” who had also stopped serving. We waved our white flag.

Appearing in Super U’s car park at about 2pm we trawled their aisles for something to munch on in the car before we re-entered for the shopping we actually came out for. Beaten women!

Undeterred on the way back from doing the shopping we stopped in at the bank (for the second time) to open my French bank account.

It was closed.

Tomorrow, should any Frenchman turn up outside my door they will be told “désolé mais je suis fermée!”

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