Tully – Paullina Simons

Tully is not my usual book but I was drawn to it by it’s cover (yea, yea!) and it’s tag line “for anyone who’s ever had to choose,” and do you know what? I am so glad I picked this book up.

One of the best written books I’ve ever read. As far as character development goes I was so involved with each individual character that my emotions were in shreds by the end of the book. The characters are less three dimensional, more four dimensional! This book smacks of reality and that’s why I love it, it’s not for losing yourself in a happier time, it’s a book about reality.

For fear of giving away too many spoilers, of which there are many, I daren’t say much about the plot but it is much like life itself; we follow Tully and her life from difficult childhood to fully grown adult. We see her trials, her turmoil and the painful decisions she has to make along the way. She is no one special, she could be you or I, and that is partly why the connection with her character is so strong.

Having said that the reader is not always on her side. We see the many facets of human nature. Simons proves that life is not black and white; that good people do bad things and that life is complicated and sometimes there is no right answer.

You can buy “Tully” from amazon (this isn’t a sponsored post) or your local charity shop (which is where I bought my copy!).

5/5 teapots from me!

I’ll be reviewing any Pagan or Wiccan themed books over on my religious blog where I’m taking part in 2 reading challenges.

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