Sales? I wish!

While you’re all off on your post-Christmas sales, stocking up on a million and one bargain items that will no doubt never see the light of day, I shall be continuing life as usual. Not for want of trying, I love a good sale, but here in France you only get that Bargain Fever twice a year and come with some strict guidelines.

Rock StarThis year the January sales will begin in most departments (that’s Counties to the Brit peeps) on the 11th January and finish on the 14th February, while the summer sales here will be from the 27th June to the 31st July. For a sale shopper that’s not really good news! One great thing about Britain is the ability to walk down the high street and leap into shops that display sale signs at any time of year! You can grab a bargain all year round!

I miss that.

There are some departments that have more say in when their sales are, but similar rules apply, mostly just different dates.

Now don’t panic just yet. They are allowed to have promotions on things but the sales (or “soldes”) are the only times that they are allowed to sell stock at a loss and are used to get rid of old stock.

So no Boxing Day bargains for me. I shall sit, waiting for the day I can rush off to take advantage of the sale season when I can battle my way into a real store and root through the rails! For now I shall practise my puppy dog eyes and stare longingly at the Jane Norman sale online!

Merry January Sales Everybody!


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