A Medieval Morning

Vin Chaud

Yesterday we headed off to Fougeres with the promise of medieval dancing, hot wine and a Christmas market in the château.

Turns out something the French do really well is advertise because we got there to find a little hall containing a very small array of stalls, hot wine (as promised) and three, count them, three, people in medieval costumes. None of them were dancing.

I was a tad disappointed. And it was raining.

We spent a little time perusing the stalls and I took a couple of photos, literally a couple, of the dressed up folks, but it wasn’t at all what I had expected from the flyer. And given that I adore medieval stuff like that, it was a good job the mulled wine was good and the lady serving it was lovely! In fact she told me several times to be careful because it was hot. It really was too, she heated it up specially!

We had a wander round town to discover another Christmas market going on, if of course by “Christmas market” you mean a couple of wooden huts, a fairground ride and some tumble weed! Not really the busy city atmosphere that Fougeres usually has about it! Evidently the French aren’t used to this going out on a Sunday thing!Festive Fun

Christmas Market

Fortunately the château looked just as stunning in the rain as it does the rest of the year so as we headed back to the car I took a couple of shots to cheer me up!
Mossy Moat



Fougeres Castle

Not quite the medieval morning I had in mind, but you can’t win ’em all!

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