Mill and trees reflected in river in black and white

Mayenne Meanderings

On Saturday my parents and I went for a gentle stroll along the Mayenne river, followed by lunch at the Beau Rivage. I’ll review the restaurant later because WOW! But the walk was really lovely. It was quite chilly but the sun was really warm and it was so beautiful along the river.


There’s something so relaxing about wandering down a gorgeous river with your camera. I’m over the moon with some of the shots I got on the day. These are only two, because I don’t want to overload you with them, that’s what my photography blog is for! But I had to share a couple so that if you were in the Mayenne area you could go for a stroll down here!

The MayenneAlso:

Dear UK people,

Please take your rubbish weather back now!

Wrapped up and hiding in bed from the wind!


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