When your psych gives you meds…make coffee


Hello all!

I just wanted to do a little check in post after my nightmare of medication the other day! Things seem to have settled down, a lot! Thank the Goddess for that because it was all getting a bit much! Crying over French homework is not something I’d be happy with becoming a regular occurence!

So here I be, medication settling in and with one top tip:


Do it hard. Do it fast. Do it regularly! Those meds don’t take no prisoners so, while they are knocking you sideways, taking you 10 rounds in the ring and pelting you with rotten metaphors, drown yourself in caffeine until your little body can’t take it anymore!

Apparently I am now at the can’t take it any more stage! But I am less tired. I’m trying to have a coffee in the morning to remind my body that it’s morning and give me that kick start, but not over-do it.

Woman with a plan! Oh yes!

And for proof, I give you a photo of me looking happy!

Oh yes! That, right there, is my happy face! 😀

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