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Yesterday we went for a family day out to the hair dressers 😉 We saw Coiffure Francine, who’s lovely, and I would highly recommend her if your in the area!

Anyhoo! Having spent the night before hunting down hairstyles and still with no idea, as is usual with me, I turned up and told her I wanted colour and a modern, feminine cut, and that I trusted her!

So, after a brief flick through her book of coloured hair while being told that purple and red wouldn’t look as good with my natural blonde as a reddish copper, I was tin-foiled and beamed up!

My mother, who had gone in just for a trim really, was then drawn into a colour discussion and convinced to have a few highlights here and there too! Just for the festive season you understand! She also had a new style, which I am determined to have her keep up!

For the real finished products you’ll have to wait, I’m hoping to accost my parents for a photo-shoot soon, and I need to do one for my festive avatar too!

So that was really a blog about nothing, but I took some photos, so I wanted to share…


  1. Baby Genie

    I love this little peek into your trip to the hairdressers! I love going to a salon it’s so relaxing! Always wish I could have a pedicure at the same time!

    1. Mrs TeePot

      hehe thanks hun 🙂

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