Dear new medication,

While I am assured that you will level out my mood, sleeping and generally make me run like a ‘normal’ person, and that is something I very much want, I’d really appreciate it if you could move into your new home in a less destructive way.
Much like the neighbours who move in at midnight, complete with an army of vans, butch men hollering “to me,” “to you,” and a shrill, woman wailing “wont somebody please think of the Chippendale!” you have pulled up in your big, noisy car, clanging and banging ’til all hours and disrupting normal life. As a point of reference the following will not be tolerated:

  • Random bursts of crying
  • Uncontrollable sobbing
  • Brain fog
  • Inability to put together a simple sentence
  • Lack of memory
  • Wild flights of fancy
  • Thinking I can do everything
  • Acting on the above thought
  • Paranoia
  • Lack of appetite
  • Exhaustion -the “I have to nap right now” kind
In fact, just be a good neighbour (fast) and hopefully we can become good friends.
Yours hopefully,
Crazy lady on a hedge

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  1. Michael Lawson

    You have established the ground rules, nice start. I hope the next step with the help of the new meds is assuming control, followed by enjoying life.

    I have realized I have been totally drawn into your world. I feel for you during your ups and downs. I wish good things for you when bad things are happening. Maybe it’s your writing style that I find both complex with emotion yet simple with few wasted words, maybe it’s my parental instincts dealing with my daughter’s (very different) condition and watching her fight those who dare to limit her with mere “expectations”, I’m not sure. Hopefully you don’t think I’m “creepy internet guy” and know that I truly wish you the best, and want to see you overcome what holds you back. I know I can’t possibly feel what you do or truly understand what you go through, but I’m here with an open mind, listening.

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