Oh look! She’s medicated!

Following my appointment at the French psychiatrist, not so long ago, I’ve been taking my new meds like a good little girl. For those of you who like to know the ins and outs, I’m now on:

  • 300mg Depamide (valpromide), twice a day
  • 2.5mg Lorazepam, half twice a day
  • 10mg Escitalopram, one a day
Boo ya! It’s good stuff! Sleep is no longer a problem (she says writing this at 1:40am…so maybe it’s becoming a problem again…), but I’m napping every day because I’m so snoozy. But it’s a wonderful, snoozy feeling. Not that ‘so…tired…must…sleep’ or complete exhaustion leading to collapse in bed tired, it’s more of a “oooh, yea, fluffy things, me and the fluffy things go night night.” It’s bliss.
However, there’s a down side, for you, in that I think I feel somewhat apathetic towards people. That’s probably the wrong choice of words; I’m mostly out of it, in my woozy, fuzzy, fluffy world which is fabulous, but there’s a teeny voice of sanity at the back of my mind that keeps telling me not to do things.
Example: yesterday at the supermarket I wanted to cry, not because I was sad, in much the same way that you get desperate for a wee and you just have to go. And I really was ready to just bawl my eyes out next to the parsnips if it weren’t for that little voice going “please don’t be the crazy lady who cries over veg.” (We’ve all seen one of then, right! 😉 )
I appear to be in a wonderful place where I don’t quite give a toss what people think. I know that in reality that’s really not a good thing, but cor it’s good here!
Maybe we should ship off all the crazy, medicated people to an island where they can not care what people think and cry over vegetables together. Who’s with me?!
Oh, and I bought a memo board today too to write stuff that’s happening today on because I think I left my memory in the psychiatrist’s office! I think it may turn into a doodle board though!


  1. Steve

    It sounds like quite a cocktail… but if it’s making you feel good then it gets the thumbs up from me. Glad you didn’t cry over the veg though… though it would have given any passing vegetarians food for thought.

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Anything to keep the crazy at bay, eh!

      Ooooh, winding up vegetarians….there’s a plan…..*mwahahahahaha*

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