What makes a man

I slate men as a gender, a lot, you may have noticed, but I want to retract all of it, because the people that I’m slating aren’t actually men. They might have dangly bits, but they aren’t men.

Where, pray tell, am I going with this? You may well ask! It’s because I have known remarkably few real men, but those who I have known have been remarkable. And one of them is my step-dad.

This is he, packed in the back of the car with the luggage on the way to some holiday or other with us. But right now he is sat in hospital
thanks to a dodgy ticker that has been dodgy for some time.

So given I’m not prone to physical displays of affection, or indeed verbal ones, I’m blogging about him, because that’s what I do.

So now, allow me to give you a brief run down of what does indeed make a man, based on one the most wonderful men I have ever met. (And if you cba to read all that, just whiz to the bottom because I have a really small request.)

Real men support child labour!

Well…not really! Real men get stuck in when something needs doing, and they make it a game so that young, impressionable children want to join in and help them without realising it’s work!

Real men have fast cars!

Again, not so much! Mostly they prefer any form of transport which can be shared with someone they care about, especially if it’s great fun, like a toboggan! As a side note: they also make little girls feel safe when going down said toboggan!

Real men work really hard…

They do, honest! But because they work so hard, sometimes they need a nap!

Real men love

This they do with abundance; as if they have a never ending supply. They take on other people’s children (who are more than a little complicated…) and raise them as their own. They stand by people they love through thick and thin, no matter what.

Real men touch lives

This is one of my first memories (if not my very first.). I don’t know if I remember it because I’ve seen the photo, or whether I remember it because I remember it, IYKWIM, but it sticks in my head. I was just wee and I hadn’t met him many times before, but he was so lovely, and he read my dinosaur book with me, and he was interested in dinosaurs too! Only real men can make memories like that, memories that stick so hard because they really made an impact.

So you can imagine I was somewhat worried when he was taken to hospital with chest pains, after a triple heart bypass 30 years ago, and kept in. Despite his fine spirits the worry for someone you love, someone who means so much, is difficult to avoid. Today he is having an angiogram┬ábefore they decide what their next move is, and I’m still worried. So if you can spare a positive thought or a prayer or anything to send to him please do, I would be incredibly grateful, and then hopefully we’ll have him home for Christmas.


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