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There are a few blogs that I read that don’t allow comments, or close them on a majority of posts, and it’s starting to get to me a bit now. While I’m all for the “your blog, your rules” thing, I hate to stop reading blogs I enjoy just for something that petty.

I know it’s petty, there are way more important things to be pissed about! But it gets to me.

A lot!

When I read a post, specifically one I really like, I really want to say something! I want to get across to that person that I loved their writing, photo, video, that it made me think or moved me or helped me out. I am driven to make that connection to another person, to let them know that it registered with me. Sometimes I even leave comments that just say “I just wanted you to know I’ve read this” because I am so lost for words, but I want them to know that I have and that it meant something to me.

That’s a really important part of blogging to me; the community. Sure some of it is bitchy and back-biting and petty, but a lot of it is supportive and friendly and lovely and I like to give back to people who’ve inspired me so much, and a little comment here and there makes me feel like I am doing.

So I think I’m going to have to hit the “unsubscribe” button on a few of those blogs, because it really upsets me to be moved by something and unable to express it, and tweeting how awesome the post is just isn’t the same, it’s so impersonal. So, short of emailing those people with my comments, which may get on their nerves somewhat after a while, I’m just going to shuffle off into a the naughty corner of the blogosphere until you all forgive me!

(p.s. It can’t just be me with this issue???? Surely???)


  1. Mark B

    i know exactly what you mean.
    your words reminded me of tumblr- much as i like it most of what you see doesn’t allow for comments unless you reblog the whole post.
    and it’s also the best thing about livejournal. you can comment to your hearts content over there. most of the time. i’ve made some very good friends there.
    now, i’m not suggesting you should get a livejournal* or that you shouldn’t get a tumblr cos that’s not what the above is about but…
    .. yeah, that’s about it, really.

    ps. you know where i am on twitter, btw.

    * i’m humanoid27 btw 😉

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Yes! You’re right, that annoys me about tumblr too, although I think you can install discus on there (mental note: install discuss on my tumblr)! I’ve never tried Livejournal and I love WordPress too much to move really!
      And I shall now go and try to figure out how to use livejournal just so I can stalk you 😉

  2. Paul (paflad)

    It’s very rare that I post comments on peoples blogs because most of the blogs I read are by people I regularly converse with on twitter, so telling them there feels more like being part of the conversation, you know?

    That said, if something *really* moves me, I occasionally post a comment because that feels more permanent than a tweet, more of a lasting testament to how much I admired their work than a tweet could ever be. Also, I know how much I appreciate it when my meagre attempts at blogging get comments.

    It surprises me that people would turn off that function (I’m enough of a techno-dunce that I didn’t know you *could*)because, as you say, surely a big part of the blogging experience is the community that can build up. I don’t really understand the desire to put your words, and thoughts, out there, but not want others to have their say. If that’s the case, why not just write in a diary.

    Anyway, that’s my two pennies worth. Sorry for rambling.

    1. Crystal Jigsaw

      I’m with you on this, flower. (I adore you background – love poppies and the teepots are ace!) – digressing there, sorry, but to me, comments are a really important part of a blog post because they encourage interaction. I see so many people say they blog for themselves and yes, that’s entirely up to them, but why do it online where everyone can see it? I follow a really lovely blogger on Twitter who recently closed her comments and I did actually understand her reasons but that’s because I really enjoy her posts and really like her tweets but I was a bit disappointed because I couldn’t leave a comment. Sharing your thoughts is a great way to interact with each other and if we can’t do that on blogs, I really see little point in having one!

      Great post.
      CJ xx

      1. Mrs TeePot

        Hehe, thanks hun 🙂
        Exactly! (I think it may be the same blogger who prompted this post from me!), I suppose all bloggers are a bit needy (*waits for backlash*!) in that they like want to connect with people through what they write, otherwise they wouldn’t post.

        For me, I certainly couldn’t close comments on my blog, it would just ruin it for me completely.

        1. Steve (SJF102)

          I think every one is “needy” hence blogging FB & Twitter et al we need to be liked. Some people more than others but it’s still there lurking away 😀

          Steve 😀

    2. Mrs TeePot

      Ah interesting. That makes sense, I suppose it’s the permanency thing for me too, I know that if I comment on the blog it will still be there when they go back through and they can see how fab their writing was.

      No worries about the rambling, ramble away, I do! 😉

      (p.s. now going to go and hunt down your blog!)

  3. Steve (SJF102)

    I too can’t see the point in not allowing people to post comments, after all why post if you don’t want people commenting? As you say your house your rules but that doesn’t make it any better 🙁

    Steve 😀

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Oh good, I’m glad it’s not just me! 😀

      1. Another Goldfish

        I have another blog that doesn’t have comments, and that’s one of the reasons it doesn’t work. I mean I’ve been writing it for 5 1/2 years and it’s never changed, because I’ve never had any feed back. There are a large number of followers, but I know nothing about them.

        It’s probably the website topic that doesn’t help, but even on Twitter no one really talks to me. I suspect that in part it’s because no one has actually invested themselves in the site by commenting.

        1. Mrs TeePot

          Interesting, I do think that people need to engage with the writer in order to keep coming back and part of that is commenting, although it’s interesting to see how few return to see if there are replies to their comments!

          Twitter wise I think it can be difficult to make those connections but, in my experience, once you to they last. I’ve made some awesome friends on twitter but when I first started it took me a while to get into it.

          1. Another Goldfish

            I know in my case I often forget where I left comments.
            I really appreciate Discus & IntenseDebate which can tell me when I’ve missed something.

  4. Rosie Scribble

    I’ve never seen a blog that I can’t comment on but I know what you mean, I’d find it frustrating if there was something I really wanted to say, or if I just wanted to let them know I’d visited. That said, I find I receive far fewer comments these days although a lot more readers.

  5. Michael Lawson

    I have one person who’s blog I follow that often (most of the time) doesn’t allow comments. If I didn’t admire his wildlife photography so much, I would have stopped following. In this case if I read a post and feel the need to comment, he will usually re-post the same comment on G+ and I’ll comment there, but I wouldn’t go through that trouble for most of the blogs I follow….his and maybe this awesome English girl living in France I find rather insightful and inspiring 😉 I’m not sure why you would want to allow such insights into your lifehobbyprofession and not allow for feedback. I suppose some people can’t handle the negativity, some don’t want to feel the obligation to respond, but to me it’s like doing a classroom assignment, but not wanting to see your grade. Good or bad, isn’t that what the experience is all about? Sharing a part of you and finding others that feel the same way, or have an eye opening alternate point of view, or knowing that maybe you helped someone? I’d want that feedback, good or bad.

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Awww 😀 Thanks! hehe!

      Exactly! If you want to share something, surely you want to hear the response to that and what other people think of it!

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