1. Mummy's Space

    Oooh sweet shop – the angle of this with a peek through the door makes me want to go in…

    1. MrsTeePot

      Hehe, thanks! It’s very lovely inside!

  2. NotmyyearOff

    Yumm, a quarter of everything please!

  3. Alli Marshall

    It’s never too early for some sweeties.
    I love the angle of the photo – makes me want to go & have a look inside the shop.

    1. MrsTeePot

      Thanks! I’m going to have to go back and buy things because it was all just so amazing!

    1. MrsTeePot

      Nope, this one is in Mayenne, taken while visiting my step-dad in hospital

  4. CoffeeCurls

    What did they do to make you so happy? Looks like a lovely shop x

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