Paris by night

We did go out in the day yesterday, but I mentioned that on both my photo blog and my blog blog, so I’m not going to go over it again, you can hop over there and see where we were.

Today I want to share photos of Paris at night, because cor! It’s a sight to behold! We hopped on a bus at about 7 and headed off to the Moulin Rouge. Having seen it during the day and not being overly impressed, I was assured it was much better at night, and it’s true! The shabby exterior and surrounding grottiness is hidden by the dark, and the lights make it look just as you’d imagined! If only we’d had time to go and see a show there!

Moulin Rouge

Then off we went to the Eiffel Tower, despite it being a foggy night it looked absolutely incredible. The fog gave it a mystical look and, despite my desperate need for a wee, I was in awe!

Eiffel Tower

After hopping on another bus intending to head to Diana’s memorial flame we went past the Arc de Triomphe, only to find a second Armistice ceremony being held! Boy scouts and military people all holding flames, music playing, right under the Arc. It was superb, so we leapt off the bus and went to get a closer look!

Arc de Triomphe

And on the way back to the hotel we even saw a group of musicians, jamming by the canal, surrounded by people dancing, sitting and generally enjoying the music! It was a perfect night!

Eiffel Tower

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